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A 5-star Midland Mechanic specialising in brake & clutch solutions

Perth Brake and Clutch servicing specialists, dedicated to providing an efficient & reliable service you can trust.

 At Midland Brake & Clutch, our mission is to meet each client and their vehicles needs with integrity and professionalism. We service each car as if it was our own, ensuring the safety of you, your family and all West Australian road users.

Midland Brake and Clutch is a leading repair and servicing centre in Perth. With an experienced, licensed and qualified team, Midland Brake and Clutch guarantee all of our work. All of our repairs are provided with exceptional customer service and your best interests at heart. Midland Brake and Clutch are the team that you can trust to assess, repair and keep you safe on the road. We only use the highest quality parts, new, genuine or exchanged and have access to Australia’s best brands. We do not compromise! Your life is in our hands.

At Midland Brake and Clutch, we are committed to an environmental program. This means that we live and work responsibly, abiding my an Environmental Policy on all of our service and repair works. This shows our our commitment to the environment with goals to lessen our carbon footprint in energy, water usage and recycling for which we are consistently looking for ways in which we can better our services and provide a more environmentally-friendly solution.

Expert servicing solutions
Efficient & cost effective service
Transparent, honest & dedicated team
Always going the extra mile
Treat clients as we would family
A local brake & clutch service centre that Perth can trust

I had my car booked in for a full service and mentioned my engine light was on but is to do with emissions and Shiralee gave me the secret to the Holden Cruise and its touchy need for 98 fuel. Shiralee even dropped me at my appointment and picked me up afterwards. What great service! Thanks Shiralee for going to extra mile 🙂

Libby WilmotGoogle Review

Excellent job on breaks and discs, great price, dropped me home and picked me up again to collect my car, will definitely be using then again 🙂 thank you

Linda RaynerGoogle Review

Fantastic service.
Honest and reliable.

Amanda VuletaGoogle Review

Great for brake repairs. Would recommend them.

Lisa TodescoGoogle Review
A Trusted and Professional Perth Brake and Clutch Specialist

Why Choose Midland Clutch & Brake?


We take pride in providing honest, unbiased advice on and support for what your car really needs. We are always committed to providing the very best vehicle and customer service possible.

Value For Money

We always look for the most affordable way to achieve the best results. We not only source high quality parts at the best price but we also pass those savings on to you.

Old Fashioned Service

Our long standing client base is the best testament to our good and old fashioned customer service. We build our relationship with you based on an open and honest ‘get it right the first time’ approach.

Brake Servicing

Providing trustworthy and effective brake servicing to our clients throughout Midland & Perth.

Brakes, the difference between an accident and your safe arrival. Our most important goal with every brake service we provide, is earning your trust. We’ll provide a thorough inspection, and then go over in as much detail as needed to make sure you understand what and why we’re recommending any repairs.

Any one of the below symptoms means your brakes need checking by a specialist. To check your brakes, we carry out a road test to listen and feel for any brake problems. We then put the vehicle up on a hoist and remove the wheels to check all of the brake system. There may not be any major problems with the brakes, some brake noises can be caused by dust, or the brakes may just need adjustment.

If any repair work is needed, we prepare a competitive quotation and if you decide to go ahead, we usually finish the job the same day. We can replace the brakes on any make or model of car, van or four wheel drive vehicle and have available the widest possible selection of brakes, regardless of shape and size.

Getting your brakes checked out by a specialist has many perks including: saving time, money, enjoying the feel of good brakes as well as giving yourself peace of mind and avoiding accidents. If you feel like there may be something wrong with your brakes, we highly recommend speaking to the qualified, professional team of brake experts at Midland Brake & Clutch.

8 Symptoms of Faulty Brakes

  • Brakes making a squealing, grating or clunking noise.
  • Shuddering when braking, causes the steering wheel to vibrate or the brake pedal to pulsate up and down.
  • Car pulling to one side or the other when braking.
  • The brake pedal feels soft and spongy and or the brake warning light is on.
  • Brake fluid level is down but you can’t see a leak.
  • When sitting at idle speed with your foot on the brake pedal, the pedal slowly goes down to-wards the floor.
  • The hand brake travels a long way before it works.
  • Or possibly someone has told you your brakes need repairing and you want to make sure they do.

Clutch Servicing

Perth’s Most Trusted Clutch Servicing Team

When your clutch fails, your vehicle stops. If you happen to be near an available tow truck, then it’s your lucky day. Most clutch failures cause endless hours of waiting at the side of the road and inconvenience and extra cost. Any one of the above symptoms means your Clutch needs checking by a specialist.

To check your clutch we carry out a road test to listen and feel for any clutch problems. We then put the vehicle up on a hoist and check the whole clutch system. There may not be any major problems with the clutch, some clutch noises can be caused by dust, or the clutch may just need adjustment.

Getting your clutch seen to by experts can save both time and money in the long run, leaving you to enjoy the feel of a positive, clutch pedal. Give yourself peace of mind and avoid any accidents by relying on the trustworthy, dedicated team at Midland Brake & Clutch.

If any repair work is needed, we prepare a competitive quotation and if you decide to go ahead, we usually finish the job the same day. We can replace the clutch on any make or model of car, van or four wheel drive vehicle.

8 Symptoms of Clutch Problems

  • The clutch pedal feel’s loose to press (too much free play)
  • The clutch pedal is very hard to push down.
  • Sometimes the clutch pedal sticks down and has to be manually lifted back up.
  • When sitting at traffic lights with the clutch pedal depressed, a whining noise can be heard.
  • The gear stick is hard to move from gear to gear.
  • The gearbox crunches when changing gear.
  • When, in first gear, as the clutch pedal is engaged, the vehicle starts to shudder (Clutch shudder).
  • When driving under load, the engine revs higher than normal without increasing vehicle speed (Clutch slipping).